(Pending) 2014 Reading List

I’ve really picked up on reading over the last few years. So much that it’s been hard to keep a consistent reading list. I’ll usually find myself jumping between a bunch of different books as people recommend them to me. I thought maybe having a (pending) reading list – let’s be honest, it might change – might help me to work through some books without getting distracted by the latest suggestion.

Ever since I’ve gone into full time ministry I’ve tended to focus on books on church or ministry development, so I’m trying to throw in a couple other genre’s to mix it up a bit. Anyway, here’s my (pending) reading list for 2014!:

whos got time

Who’s Got Time? by Teri Peterson and Amy Fetterman: Teri and Amy explore why it’s important for an increasingly busy culture to have spiritual practices. As someone who works with incredibly busy youth, I thought this would be a helpful read.

outliersOutliers by Malcolm Gladwell: one of my 8th graders was reading this and told me about it. Sounded really fascinating  about how context has a lot to do with success.

how-we-decideHow We Decide by Jonah Lehrer: after reading The Paradox Of Choice, this was a natural follow up read on how having more choice affects how we choose.

ym in post christianYouth Ministry In A Post-Christian World by Brock Morgan: I’m really interested to hear a perspective from someone doing ministry in a post-christian culture – especially since I believe America as a whole is moving the direction of post-christian.

jesus feministJesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey: I guess you could say I grew up as a Jesus feminist (my mom is a pastor), but after hearing a podcast interview with her, I knew I had to check out her book.

does jesus love meDoes Jesus Really Love Me? by Jeff Chu: I have yet to read a book on the homosexuality/church debate written by someone from the LGBT community. Plus I’ve been really hesitant to say much about the topic without knowing someone and reading someone from that community.

enders game

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card: One of my side goals has been to read, on a regular basis, some kind of fiction just for fun – no academic, no ministry development, no spiritual growth. Just something to get my imagination flowing.

tornTorn by Justin Lee: Another book by someone in the LGBT community. The question about homosexuality has come up with our youth at times and I’d love to be more intentional about learning myself.

cross in contextThe Cross In Our Context by Douglass John Hall: found this book in the footnote of another book I read last year. Hall’s book deals with the implications that Jesus on the cross might have for our post-modern and post-christian culture.

pursuing justicePursuing Justice by Ken Wytsma: Read this last year, but planning to give it another read. A really amazing book by a pastor seeking to renew our ideas about justice and the Christian faith.

paul faithfulness of godPaul And The Faithfulness Of God by N.T. Wright: I’ll call this my “nerding-out-marathon-read.” I was really on the fence about trying to take on a book like this, but I’ve decided to give it a go. Here we go!

role of youth workerRedefining The Role Of The Youth Worker by April Diaz: Youth Ministry has been making some shifts in the past decade and I’m curious to hear April’s thoughts. I’m particularly interested in hearing her thoughts on how we not just bring in more youth, but integrate them into the church as fully functioning (not “Junior ___________” or “Youth _____________) members of the community.


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