New Years Resolutions

new-yearsOver the week long vacation I was able to take for Christmas and New Years, I had a chance to reflect on how 2013 went for me. Despite the year kicking off on some not so good notes, it seems that 2013 resolved itself in the end. It also gave me a chance to dream about how I might make the most of 2014. Now I don’t typically do New Years resolutions, but thanks to my friend Josh Gill, I’m going to give it a try. But to tell you the truth, these feel less like resolutions and more like rhythms I’d like to get into. Anyway, here are some of the rhythms I’d like to get into in 2014.


1. Relationships: I’d really like to work on the relational side of our ministry. There are so many small things to do to let your youth know that you’re there and you care. I want to get better at that: attending band concerts, musicals, athletic games, remembering birthdays, remembering the things they’re dealing with on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

2. Social Media: We’re entering a new frontier where so many things are accessible 24/7 and we can connect with anyone almost anywhere in the world. I’ve seen social media used in very healthy and helpful ways. And there are some pretty cool platforms out there. But I’ve also seen social media used for useless purposes, cluttering the internet, and some very damaging things have been posted via Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, etc. I don’t think I’ve done anything damaging, but I’d really like to be more intentional about using things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, this blog, to 1) model love of God, neighbor, and self, and 2) to get better at utilizing it more consistently for our youth ministry.


1. Running: I’ve loved running since I joined cross country in middle school. But recently I’ve put running and keeping in shape on the back burner. I’d love to get back into this rhythm.

2. Blogging: I decided to take up blogging about a year ago. It began with a blog called Full Canvas and I think it was a good start, but it was a little sporadic and I hadn’t really figured out what it’s purpose was. After some thinking and reflection, I’ve more direction for myself. As of this year, I’m going to make an effort to blog once a week under this title – Rhythmic Theology: a youth pastor looking for a steady beat. You can check out the “about” section to see the direction I’m taking in my blogging.


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